Shipping is on the house.


Picture it. Father and son sitting in the rumpus room watching sport and spitting out ideas of business ventures together on a giant notepad. Although very much comfortable and in our element, we were quite the serious duo. Knowing full well the success of any serious business doesn’t come from the idea itself but rather its execution and hustle, all ideas were raised (the good and the bad).

We imagined creating a product that fixed a problem that we were all too used to. We knew that whatever the journey, a relentless pursuit of only the best was going to cut it. After muttering these values to ourselves over and over again, the idea of creating softer and more comfortable underwear was born. We decided to go for it, becoming full-time underwear founders, envisaging a brand that at its core inspires us to ask the question, ‘Can it be better?’ An everyday product dusted off and brought into the spotlight. With ruthless standards, we scoured the globe for only the best material.
Two years and fourteen samples later, Collection #001 and Dozen Avenue began.
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